Friday, May 16, 2008

Shit Happens Month

With all the things happening around me, you can’t really blame me for well… not being so me. Basically a week or a two have been sort of crazy (in a bad way), let’s just say that, May is ShitHappensMonth.

I was emo-bitch-slut-pig-stuck up- lost-emotional-busy body-faker-sensitive-complicated-etc all roll up into one. Which is very scary, ask those who goes to UFP tutorials with me during first and second semester, they see that person before.

So I am here to apologize on any EmoFace, IgnoranceAttitude, IDidNotReplyYourMessages, IAmSuchABitch, SheIsGoingToBlow that anyone got from me for the past few weeks.


p/s: This is not a kiss-arse entry.

2 kiss(es):

Julian Jansen Goh said...

i dont think u can beat mine lor,with all those nottie stuff i did!!hav i seen tht side of u b4??


-jamie- said...

i dont think so you have... and trust me you don't want to... haha