Monday, June 16, 2008


Its been an unbelievable week, let’s just have a recap.


Slept for 6 hours plus
Had Econ 100 it was……. lets not talk about it


Slept for 4 hours plus still able to handle it
Had Acc 100 accounts won’t balance, and mcq was a guessing game, am partially screw


Slept for 4 hours plus… hanging on but I think I am losing it
Had Legal Framework 100 I think I just screwed up this one too
Went out for Bat Kut Teh with a friend… scrumptious but it caused me to get a little “heaty” *sighs*


Slept for 3 hours plus… I totally felt lifeless already
Had IST 100 hoping I didn’t screw up this one up *cross fingers*
Went out with a friend for lunch at Kim Gary in Pyramid swore not to eat noodles in Kim Gary anymore
Went to Cineleisure to watch The Happening rather sick and dull but I found what is “happening” rather interesting
Had dinner in Ikea’s cafeteria those yummy Swedish Meatballs…. *drools*
Went to the night market always love it
Now, writing this entry I should be sleeping

p/s: Happy Holiday People!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


All the best in ya finals.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"They Thought"

Dan: aww… this one really is being neglected.
Moi: yea, I just don’t know what to write in it.

When I ask you guys to IM me through MSN or e-mail me regarding my private blog, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

I have got a few friends saying “I thought you don’t want to let me in?” (without asking me in the first place until I mention it) It’s just funny how people sometimes make presumption of things.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


If you all have notice, I have been cutting back on my updates lately.

Let’s just say besides being unreasonably busy these day, I have been facing some privacy problems too. After a long thought about it (includes some self conflict and advices from my dear blogger friends)...... “People I decided to have a private blog!”

So for those who want access to my private blog, you could contact me at or IM me through MSN.

As for this blog, I have no intention to shut it down nor stop updating, yet what I could assure is that it would not be updated as often as I used to.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am been given the pressure to update my blog. (I didn't know people actually read my blog *ahem*)

I am working on it, yet with so much work going on around me I just can’t find things that is actually worth writing about.

Stay tune!

p/s: I did have fun this afternoon where I get to catch up with Beatrice, Joey and Joanna. (talk about how many things each other miss out on)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Shit Happens Month

With all the things happening around me, you can’t really blame me for well… not being so me. Basically a week or a two have been sort of crazy (in a bad way), let’s just say that, May is ShitHappensMonth.

I was emo-bitch-slut-pig-stuck up- lost-emotional-busy body-faker-sensitive-complicated-etc all roll up into one. Which is very scary, ask those who goes to UFP tutorials with me during first and second semester, they see that person before.

So I am here to apologize on any EmoFace, IgnoranceAttitude, IDidNotReplyYourMessages, IAmSuchABitch, SheIsGoingToBlow that anyone got from me for the past few weeks.


p/s: This is not a kiss-arse entry.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shot Us Already!

J.L: Someone shot me.
Moi: If you found someone to shot you. Ask that person to shot me too.

p/s: This is what happens, when there is an assignment deadline around the corner. (apparently neither of us are that close to ready)